Why now?

First of all, I would like to welcome you to my website, which I have created with my own hands. And I say that with some pride. You see, I'm one of those who believe that we shouldn't choose money at the expense of time because we can always make money but we can't "make" time. Everyone has 24 hours in a day, no exception there.

But sometimes it can be quite interesting to take on new challenges like building our own website. So I can proudly say that I have removed website development from my bucket list.

I have little credit because I have made my career in the information technology industry. It was more natural for me than for someone who doesn't have that background. But I did it and no one can take that away from me.

Except maybe a clever hacker.

However, writing my novels both in French and English is another thing. You'll have to bear with me with the English translation of this blog because I don't have an editor to save my ass and make me look good. You'll have to live with some mistakes here and there. Sorry about that.

I will not introduce myself because I'm doing it quite a bit in the "about the author" section, but I will take this opportunity to explain why now. Why I decide to launch a writing career well into my forties.

I've always written from as far away as I can remember. I've always loved telling stories. I love to write fiction, but strangely, I don't read that much. Most of the time, I read essays, biographies and other works that are not fiction. But I read some, don't worry. Particularly in my genre.

I'm a film buff, however, and it's mostly there that I consume fiction in general. I confess that I read fiction a lot to analyze the other authors, to discover how they have integrated this or that into their history, etc.

But I digress.

So I was saying I've always been a writer. With that said, I never felt the need to be " published ". Writing was enough for me and is still enough for me now. Relatives often told me that I should send my manuscripts to publishers, but between you and me, it seemed like a lot of work for little profit. I decided to put that energy into achieving my goal of being a manager in my field and I can proudly say this is a reality since 2010.

I then worked to evolve in my role to the point where I now consider doing what I wanted to do. So I've reached my career goal. Any move towards a more important role would only be a bonus.

Because I love what I do in life, I didn't see the need to start a second career. Even if, by sheer chance or thanks to a little talent and a lot of effort, I was going to become an author who could live from his craft, I would not have quit my job. You're going to tell me that the chances that I can get a living as an author are so slim that I didn't take a big risk in publishing my novels. You're right, but I tend to think that if I work hard at something, I'll succeed. Otherwise, what's the point ?

I consider that the traditional publishing process very long and strenuous. Months of waiting for an answer from a publisher who would probably have me rework my text dozens of times for, at the end, selling  500 copies didn't seem so sexy to me.

Again, I say that without experience. I've never sent a manuscript to anyone.

But in recent years, thanks to the technology and effervescence of platforms like Kindle, Kobo, etc. it's now possible for authors to publish their books themselves immediately after having completed the writing and editing processes.

Since I'm impatient, I like this formula. I see this as a great advantage and I'm now ready to publish my stories – existing and future – to an audience that I hope will be there. Rather than publishing houses deciding if I'm have some talent or not, I will let the market make that call.

Which brings us to you and me, here on my website today. Why now?

Because I'm ready for another challenge. Since I have reached my main career goal, I'm curious to see where this literary adventure can take me. I'd be happy if you'd join me in that journey. At best, I'll have a second career and eventually have to make a heart-wrenching decision about my future. Otherwise I will continue this hobby and communicate with some readers who, for a reason of their own, enjoy my writing.

I like to hear about my readers. Feel free to communicate and chat with me, it will be my pleasure to meet you.

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