The Wooden Queen

She turned her history of abuse into a badge. Can she stay two moves ahead of a trigger-happy killer?

Detective Abygaelle Jensen channeled her dark past into a strong career saving victims of vice. But the top cop’s confidence in her abilities takes a hit when she joins the grim world of homicide. And she’s in over her head when her first-day assignment is a girl shot dead on her way home from school by a sniper.

As similar cases start piling up, Jensen discovers she’s hunting a vicious sharpshooting serial murderer with a chess-piece calling card. And digging up possible connections between the gunman’s targets has put her squarely in the crosshairs…

Can she counter the sociopathic assassin’s next deadly move, or will she become a pawn in a bloody and sinister game?

The Wooden Queen is the first book in the thrilling Abygaelle Jensen mystery series. If you like action-packed whodunits, shocking twists, and driven heroines, then you’ll love Sebastyen Dugas’ lethal gambit.