A deadly plot to do in a celebrity. Can her number-one admirer be the guy to stop the bullet?

Life dealt Jimmy Carrera a losing hand. Jobless and not much to look at, the beaten-down twin spends his days being hassled by his brother and fawning over his favorite actress. But when he stumbles upon a sinister studio scheme to murder his darling idol, he vows to prevent her brutal death.

Worried he’ll come off like a lunatic stalker, the self-proclaimed protector tracks down the perfect venue to deliver his desperate warning. But when the culprit draws a gun, Jimmy’s not sure who will make it out alive.

Can the superfan save the beautiful star before a sadistic killer shoots a fatal scene?

Stockholm is the first book in the tense Brevis series of psychological thrillers. If you like captivating characters, dark twists, and a touch of the paranormal, then you’ll love Sebastyen Dugas’s mind-bending mystery.

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