The Wooden Queen

Abygaelle Jense Series

She turned her history of abuse into a badge. Can she stay two moves ahead of a trigger-happy killer?

Detective Abygaelle Jensen channeled her dark past into a strong career saving victims of vice. But the top cop’s confidence in her abilities takes a hit when she joins the grim world of homicide. And she’s in over her head when her first-day assignment is a girl shot dead on her way home from school by a sniper.

 As similar cases start piling up, Jensen discovers she’s hunting a vicious sharpshooting serial murderer with a chess-piece calling card. And digging up possible connections between the gunman’s targets has put her squarely in the crosshairs…

 Can she counter the sociopathic assassin’s next deadly move, or will she become a pawn in a bloody and sinister game?


Sebastyen Dugas is from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He publishes in both French and English.

Always having had a love of the written word, Sebastyen has been writing since he was young, penning articles for blogs and as a journalist for multiple publications. He had never come close to publishing, as he was content to do it for his own enjoyment, but all that has changed with his first novel, now released on an unsuspecting world.

In his spare time Sebastyen loves reading, playing guitar, photography, most sports and watching movies. He is also slowly working his way around the countries of the world, having now visited 20 of them and exploring some amazing places and sights as he goes.

Other Books


A deadly plot to do in a celebrity. Can her number-one admirer be the guy to stop the bullet?

Can the superfan save the beautiful star before a sadistic killer shoots a fatal scene?

Stockholm is the first book in the tense Brevis series of psychological thrillers. If you like captivating characters, dark twists, and a touch of the paranormal, then you’ll love Sebastyen Dugas’s mind-bending mystery.


The checks keep coming, even if he never finds his mark. But will he botch the best gig of his life when conspiracies become killings?

Brash private eye Martin Lafs constantly overestimates his own abilities. A fan of fast women and easy money, he gleefully accepts a straightforward job hunting down a wife’s missing spouse. But when the husband offers Lafs triple the dough to look the other way, the PI’s lust for cash leads him into a risky double-dip…

Don't Find Roger is the first book in the hilariously irreverent Martin Lafs dark comic drama series.


You wake up lying on the floor of a moving train. Your biggest problem is not finding out where you're going, but not remembering ever getting on board.

You have to decide what you are going to do before the train reaches its destination.

Every fibre in your body urges you to get off this train. But what if it's worse outside?

When you are on your own, you have no choice but to reach deep inside your soul and trust your instincts.

And hope they won't let you down.


A man wanted to teach his sister a lesson. Instead, he was confronted with his destiny.

Martin Lafs screwed up about his sister, but this episode was going to change his life for good. An illumination like you rarely have in your life.

For once in his life, he took a meaningful initiative, but everything had turned against him. Life can be hard.

Martin Lafs started his own private detective agency. It's surprising considering all the bad decisions he's made.

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