Martin Lafs Series

Martin Lafs #1

213 pages

Everything's all fun and games until corpses start piling up and you're next.

For PI Martin Lafs, tracking a missing husband is easy. Things get complicated when the husband doesn't want to be found. What follows is a series of silly and bizarre events when Martin accepts an offer he should have refused..

When he falls for a strapping blonde who isn't as angelic as she seems... Martin loses all his focus and the investigation takes a dramatic turn.

Will Martin realize the magnitude of the situation before it's too late?

Don't Find Roger is the first opus in the Martin Lafs series. If you're a fan of dark humor like Pink Panther or San Antonio, you will enjoy this novel.

Get it now and step into Martin Lafs' crazy universe.


"Have you ever read a book that you wished would never end? Well, this is one of those books. Hilarious."
"Martin Lafs should should have his own series on Netflix."
"Dugas masters the fourth wall."
"Catchy and snarky characters."
"I laughed out loud several times."
"An entertaining read. Well written, engaging and irreverent."