Epiphany From a Broken Camera

A man wanted to teach his sister a lesson. Instead, he was confronted with his destiny.

Martin Lafs screwed up about his sister, but this episode was going to change his life for good. An illumination like you rarely have in your life.

In all this, he found his way. They say there are no small victories.

For once in his life, he took a meaningful initiative, but everything had turned against him. Life can be hard.

Martin Lafs started his own private detective agency. It’s surprising considering all the bad decisions he’s made.

This was a strange read for me but the details were good and enjoyed once I read through it.

The storytelling was great and the character built up was fantastic.

A brother decides to get the evidence on his sister’s cheating boyfriend.

Camera in hand, he takes off to find evidence to get his sister free from the boyfriend’s influence.

This story is the journey he takes to accomplish his goals.

Martin deserves his series on Netflix

I laughed out loud multiple times

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