Don’t Find Roger

Everything is all fun and games until bodies start to pile up and you’re next

Brash private eye Martin Lafs constantly overestimates his own abilities. A fan of fast women and easy money, he gleefully accepts a straightforward job hunting down a wife’s missing spouse. But when the husband offers Lafs triple the dough to look the other way, the PI’s lust for cash leads him into a risky double-dip…

With his sweet deal threatened when he keeps accidentally bumping into the man he’s paid to locate, his growing suspicions get totally derailed by the busty allure of a beautiful blonde. And when he finally sees through her gold-digging buxom charms, he may have already made a deadly femme fatale mistake.

Can he dodge a dangerous dame and undo a knot of lies, or will this absurd case tie a noose around his neck?

Don’t Find Roger is the first book in the hilariously irreverent Martin Lafs dark comic drama series. If you like gallows humor, fun mysteries, and characters that catch your heart, then you’ll love Sebastyen Dugas’ tragically ludicrous whodunit.

Have you ever read a book that you wished would never end? Well, this is one of those books.

Mr. Dugas has written a hilarious book with wacky characters you can relate to. It's fun, it's serious and a little delirious. It's a roller coaster ride you will enjoy from beginning to end. You will LOVE this book. Very highly recommended.

A vain detective reminiscent of Hercules Poirot, is hired to finds a woman’s husband.

It’s a good plot and interesting characters. Twists and turns galore. Recommended!

I wasn't too sure about this book was delighted when I started reading it.

The author did great storytelling and the character built up was suberb. Would read more from this author

A writing style that stands out. It's refreshing. It's a book that you read tirelessly.

The plots, intelligent humour and characters make it absolutely effective and captivating.

I recommend it without hesitation. Can't wait to read what's next!

I really enjoyed the writing, there is a lot of humor, not to mention the serious tone and suspense.

It's easy to get hooked on the characters, especially Martin Lafs's.

I had a great time and I hope there will be a sequel.

I enjoyed it. Captivating and easy to read.

I liked that the author created a link between the reader and the main character.

I recommend it.

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